Cleaning Out Our Existing Government

Our politicians have let us down and sold us out over and over again. This time there are too many of us out there for them to continue to ignore; we must organize and take back America and the only way to do that is with the most powerful weapon devised by man, the ballot box with its secret ballot. As your Senator, I would:

  • Oppose all bailout packages and will oppose government handouts. No more corporate bailouts ever!
  • Oppose earmark spending; if you are dependent on pork barrel spending, I’m not your man.
  • Write legislation to abolish lobbyist’s from becoming government aids and vice versa. Those that elect to venture into politics should return to a life no less than ordinary after their service.
  • As a Senator I would serve one term in office and go back to making springs at my shop and fish more often!

Tax Relief

As a small business owner I understand the burdens that the government puts on the people with taxes. Taxes are a way of controlling the people; what must be remembered is that politicians are to serve the people not control them. As your Senator, I would:

  • Write legislation for small business to immediately write off long term investments.
  • Make paying off the national debt a national priority; we all know the danger of excessive credit card debt yet our government uses its citizenry as their credit card.
  • The Tax Code: I’m not sure what I could say or do about the current tax system and that’s an honest answer. However, I will say that the current tax system needs reformed; it’s a system with tens of thousands of pages which for anyone to say they fully understand would be difficult to comprehend. I do believe that Thomas Jefferson was right when he wrote “The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest. Only aim to do your duty, and mankind will give you credit where you fail. No longer persevere in sacrificing the rights of one part of the empire to the inordinate desires of another; but deal out to all equal and impartial right. Let no act be passed by any one legislature which may infringe on the rights and liberties of another.” There are many in America who have no interest in politics and then there are others that fight for political control for their own benefit! I believe that if everyone has “money in the game”, so to speak, then there will be more interest in how that money is spent. As a nation, the people must be engaged in the politics that occur around them and then they will desire to understand and appreciate them. One thing beyond any of this, if you start encouraging production in America and a market for those products it will bring the jobs back. With the jobs back people will be working and a lot of the problems in this country are going to start taking care of themselves. I say “Let’s bring them back!”

Health Care

With regards to healthcare, my objectives are very simple; I believe that people should have and need affordable health care and with that said I want to repeal the Obamacare bill. There are a few very simple and sound reasons for this:

  • You should not be forced to purchase a product or service from a 3rd party or be faced with a penalty (especially when it’s the government forcing you to do so).
  • It’s a bill, over 2000 pages long, that was passed and very few if any who had passed it could fully understand it. As Nancy Pelosi said “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it!” With genius like that in DC we’re all in trouble! It’s also good to note that Nancy’s district has received numerous waivers from this bill which leaves the question “if it’s so good, why opt out?”
  • Also, the same people that voted this bill in for the rest of America to live under will have different health care coverage for themselves. It’s peculiar that the politicians that we elect are not subject to the weight of the same legislation they pass.
  • What needs to be done is to bring the jobs back so everyone can more than afford to buy their own health insurance.

Just a little more of what I believe in:

  • Make English the National Language.
  • I have been a life member of the NRA since April of 1974 and I will protect the second amendment.
  • Put up a complete fence on our southern border and do what is necessary to make our borders more secure.
  • Have a 21 day grace period where bills may be viewed openly by the public before they are voted on.
  • Start drilling for oil! What’s drilled here stays here!
  • No inheritance tax; the taxes have already been paid. Why destroy the family?
  • Make public schools teach what led up to the Constitution, before and after the Revolutionary war, so that generations to come understand why the constitution was so important.


If you believe in what I stand for and would be willing to help our campaign please contact us as we need as many hands on deck as we can get for a strong Grassroots campaign.

Also, spread the message to all your friends and family through Facebook or the old fashioned way by picking up the phone! We're all in this together and need to address our problems or we'll all be left asking "what will the next generation have?"

You can contact me on my personal phone at 412-706-1429 or email me at